Sellfast.lk is one of the largest and well-known shopping platforms. They facilitate almost every shopping need from clothing to woman equipment. Their website has made easier the shopping process for the customers who are not available to go out and who don’t like to go. They also have a wide range of selections in every section. So, we had to consider about so many areas before developing a website for them.
Mainly what they wanted is to increase their sales through giving a detailed introduction about their items and prices.
So, our main aim of this project was to increase the efficiency and attractiveness of their website. Our main idea was to develop a system where viewers can have all the required information regarding the organization and their available products in order to effectively interest him/her to purchase them.
As we increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the website, Sellfast.lk ’s sales have increased up to a considerable extent. Their sales reports are a proof for that.


kittyhosting.com is a domain name provider. Their main services are buying domain, order hosting, make payment and get support. The website provides the opportunity to select a WordPress plan from their plans given and order it on the website itself. Also, viewers can select the payment plan such as monthly or annually.
The website also includes the all other features that the kitty hosting wanted to make their website more efficient.


Monttoro.com a rapidly developing forex and CFD brokerage company founded by a team of professionals with over a decade of experience in the trading field. As a licensed trading company based in Birmingham, they adhere to the highest standards of EU financial markets and is accredited by financial Regulations Authorities.
Their website is designed to one-click trading experience with 3,000+ world-renowned markets.
The website includes each and every detail in a more convenient and user friendly way.


Uniconest is one of the leading design companies from Melbourne, Australia. Their services mainly based on custom logo design, custom t-shirt design and digital download.
They wanted a website which can easily accommodate their increasing product portfolio and that provides a superior performance, and attracting clients through that.
As we increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the website, Uniconest has increased their market value in to a recognizable position.

Imperia Holidays

Imperia Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. is a professional and 20+ years experienced travel agent in Sri Lanka providing both inbound and outbound travel services for clients along with outstanding tour packages and attractive prices.
Their main requirement was to increase their visibility and attract more clients through the website. So, we designed a website which can attract more people towards traveling in Sri Lanka with Imperia Holidays. And the website also included their travel destinations and details of their packages. So, the travelers can get a clear idea by referring the website.


Royaletribe is a platform which guide people to earn money online. They guide to get the use of some platforms like Cryptocurrency, Fiverr and eBay.
For viewers to get a clear idea about what they’re doing, we included essential details about the platforms. And also, the website has included royaletribe’s course details. There are a lot of successful students who did their courses. So, we also included some of their comments on the website to build the trust among the audience.


youcanbro.com is a website which including important articles. So, it is designed in a more reader friendly way. Viewers can easily find the articles they prefer to read very easily. So, it’s more efficient. There are a vast range of categories of the articles so that readers can select only what they are interested.


Boomcrashsignals.com is inspired by the realities of life today, in which traditional divides between personal and the professional space are more fluid, so our furniture, lighting, and accessories can be used in the diversity of environments and suit many needs.
They have a vast range of products to offer the audience. If you someone has any questions, they are always available to give solutions.
So, we designed their website to facilitate their each and every requirement. And also, we focused on the website’s effectiveness and attractiveness too.


Openco started as a powder coating company in Sri Lanka. Now they’re a premier powder coating company in Sri Lanka.
They provide a number of services. So, when designing the website, we have included all those in an attractive way. We also mentioned the value and importance of their services. So that the viewers get interested and refer the website because it’s very user-friendly./p>


gindarigossip is a Sri Lankan popular news and gossip focused website.
So, for them the viewability and attractiveness of the website is very important. We created their website to meet those needs. There people can find news easily and read them in the reader friendly view of the website.


Jobmasterguru is a website which facilitate users to find the jobs they interested in a more convenient way. We have designed the website ensuring the efficiency and convenience of the website processes.


Applanka is a website which based on finding partners. It’s basically based on Sri Lanka. We have created the website in a way that people can subscribe them through website to get updates by SMS.


Suaromasl.com is formulating honest, safe and natural products using the science of Ayurveda together with modern methods of manufacturing to promote a holistic wellness (mind, body & soul). They have a wide range of products based on Ayurveda mixed with the modern technology.
As they have a wide range of products, they wanted to categorize them and display them in a way that viewers can easily find what they want and purchase them. Therefore, we categorized their range of products under ‘Shop’. So that viewers can easily reach what they’re looking for. Also, in the website customers can place orders. There’s also another section where customers can find their order details, enter account details, see the shopping cart and enter the relevant address. We designed the website in a more convenient way as the company needed.


watchface4u.com is a smart watch store where people can find almost every kind of smart watches they are interested. The website is clearly included the categories of smart watches separately. So, it’s really user friendly and convenient.


tugarigems.com is a subsidiary and a family-owned business establishment since 1920. Tugari showcases a collection of flawless gemstone jewelry inspired by Italian craftsmanship and caters to a rather unique high-end clientele.
They wanted a website with a theme which suitable for a jewelry store and which is convenient to the viewers. So, we selected a theme which is gold color mixed and very user friendly. Customers also can shop the items they prefer on the website itself. For that purpose, the items are clearly displayed in the store. The payment gateway is also 100% secured. It’s a great platform for the company to increase their revenue and build the trust of more customers.


cwlcontractors.co.uk is a construction company which was building since 2003. Most of their work comes from recommendations and they are approved by local authorities, consulting engineers and architects across the South East. Their website was designed according to their preferences. Their work details are clearly included so that viewers can get an idea about their standards. Also by the website people can apply for the vacancies in the company too.

Lankapura Wedamadura

Lankapura Wedamadura started in the year 2012 and today it has cured thousands of patients and proved that Hela Osu can cure all diseases. Lankapura Wedamadura has been developing the most effective medicine for dengue from Hela herbs and has been able to produce the most successful medicine for Covid-19.
Mainly what they wanted is to introduce and highlight their COVID against medicine and Dengue medication through a detailed description about them. And they wanted to increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the website. Our main idea was to develop a system where viewers can have all the required information regarding the diseases they may have and the medications by ‘Lankapura Wedamadura’. The Ayurvedic hospital is having a herbal garden with most of the rare and valuable herbs. So, we included a detailed description about the herbal plants too. The website contains almost every important detail that a person want to know before visiting and they can easily contact the doctor.