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Why you should choose Virtual 360 to get your domain + hosting

Virtual 360 is one of the premier domain registration lk. We have over 6 years of experience in providing high quality website hosting. We clearly know how important a best breed server hardware, a dependable network provider and most up to date software programs. You can buy lk domain from Virtual 360 and rank high in lk domain registry.

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We provide complete solutions for you

Experts at Virtual 360 can understand well what are customer requirements to give them an outstanding service standard. We are 100% committed to our clients and we’ll give you a complete solution to improve the access of your website, to promote your website and to profit with your site. We guarantee to provide web hosting with outstanding 24 X 7 X 365 support services at an affordable .lk domain price.

Service guarantee

We guarantee you 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 24/7 mail support, live call and chat support.