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Web based software – The revolution in software industry

We specialize in developing web-based software in Sri Lanka with smooth functioning to facilitate your business reach its climax.

web-based software? what is it?

A web-based software is a software you can access just using a web browser and an internet connection. Here you don’t need to download or purchase any software or hardware and also you don’t need to worry about costly product upgrades to access further facilities. This is also known as “Cloud-based software” because it only needs an internet connection.

Why web-based software is better for any organization?

Guarantee your organization is utilizing cutting edge technology.

Web based software do not need and download or upgrade processes like traditional standalone systems.


Less expensive to build and maintain.

Here the improvements of your web-based software are automatically updated online.


 Responsible parties can sign in from anywhere.

If you use a web- based software for your organization your responsible people can log in to the system from home or any other place they’re at with any web-browser they have. Also, can be used as your web-based email program.


 Secure and backed up regularly.

If you use a web-based software your staffing data is stored in a high secure data center which is regularly backing up. It provides 24/7 ,365 days password protection, data integrity and automatic updates.

Why you should select Virtual360 to build your web-based software?

We do believe that a well-designed dynamic web-based software can increase your ability to achieve your business objectives.
We’ll develop a unique and customized web-based software and guide you throughout the entire software development life cycle. That process includes project management.