Omaami Aqua Chemical


Omaami Aqua Chemical is a family-owned business governed by unified leadership and commitment. The dedication of our employees is the key factor for our success. They have a self-motivated, customer-friendly, and qualified workforce to deliver the best products and services. Omaami Aqua Chemical imports the best quality swimming pool chemicals and equipment that will be used for the purpose of water treatment, construction and maintenance of swimming pools. We work to satisfy customers’ expectations and exhibit our company vision.


Regardless of the industry, a company’s internet presence can significantly affect how successful it is.  Omaami Aqua Chemical had the need for a website as the industry’s leading quality chemical supplier. Some companies today are still unaware that most clients will visit their website before completing a purchase. To generate more income, having a good online presence—especially a website—can make all the difference. Omaami Aqua Chemical’s mission of importing the best quality global chemicals and make them available all over the country at reasonable prices.


Omaami Aqua Chemical’s website’s main objective was to reach as many customers as possible at the correct moment to boost sales and the company’s profitability. And they wanted to give their customers a clear idea about their services. Omaami Aqua Chemical also wanted to showcase that its authority goes hand in hand with branding. They also wanted their target audience to recognize the company as a credible authority in the field.


Users can search for and purchase all chemicals and swimming pool equipment Omaami Aqua Chemical’s website. As a result, it is made to be more user-friendly. It is more effective since users can readily find what they need from a computer. The variety of computers and computer-related products is enormous, and we have neatly grouped them according to their preferences.

Test & Launch

We tested this website on all the more commonly used browsers and devices to ensure everything was working properly. In addition, we made sure to test whether the ordering process happens correctly, whether all the categories are shown, and whether the searching option is working properly. Once we were sure nothing seemed out of place, we sent our work over to the team Laptop Outlet so they could test it out themselves.


In the end, there has been a noticeable improvement in Omaami Aqua Chemical. website. The company was happy with the outcomes and believes that this new website will be crucial in helping to move its business in the right direction. Omaami Aqua Chemical’s website has made it simple for visitors to locate exactly what they’re searching for within their first few minutes of being on the site thanks to the user-friendly techniques.