Laptop outlet PVT Ltd


Laptop outlet PVT Ltd is a wholesale and retail agent for all kinds of Business edition laptops and normal laptops. They sell laptops in brands including HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, ThinkPad, etc. Laptop Outlet is a direct importer of laptops from Singapore, Australia and the USA. They have been a wholesale and retail agent of direct imported brand-new laptops, used branded laptops, and Laptop Accessories.


No organization nowadays could survive without a website. Any marketing strategy that doubles as a brand’s business card must have this crucial component. It includes all of the most important details about the business and what it has to offer. Laptop outlet PVT Ltd had that need as a leading laptop provider in the industry.


The Laptop outlet PVT Ltd website’s main objective was to reach as many customers as possible at the correct moment to boost sales and the company’s profitability.


The newly designed website was created to enable admins to easily edit page content, images, and news, add new laptops and other items, and much more! Each section of the Laptop outlet had access to varied items of admins and had the confidence to change their own pages thanks to the website created with the latest technology.

Test & Launch

We tested this website on all the more commonly used browsers and devices to ensure everything was working properly. In addition, we made sure to test whether the ordering process happens correctly, whether all the categories are shown, and whether the searching option is working properly. Once we were sure nothing seemed out of place, we sent our work over to the team Laptop Outlet so they could test it out themselves.


In the end, there has been a noticeable improvement in the Laptop Outlet website. The company was happy with the outcomes and believes that this new website will be crucial in helping to move its business in the right direction. The Laptop Outlet website has made it simple for visitors to locate exactly what they’re searching for within their first few minutes of being on the site thanks to the user-friendly techniques.